Pals for Pups is pleased to offer a full service grooming salon with state of the art equipment.

After a long day at play at our activity center or a relaxing sleep over, why not pamper your pet at our grooming area so your pet comes home looking and smelling terrific?

Bath Services

Bath service includes: bath time, brush out, hand blow dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning, paw /pad trimming, anal glands expressed on request, bows or bandanas for that special touch. At this time our grooming is exclusive to our play care and boarding dogs.

We use shampoos and conditioners to help deep clean, deodorize and leave your pets coat looking healthy, shiny and smelling fresh. We can also apply special shampoo and rinse products prescribed by your veterinarian.

 Each pet will be given our total and undivided personal attention. We provide a warm area and plenty of thick terry towels to dry your dog. For dogs such as Labs, Goldens, Collies, Corgis, Shepherds, and all breeds with shedding undercoats, we use dryers that allow us to fully blow out your dog’s coat. This process will allow us to remove old undercoat and dander also helps enhance your dog’s circulation. The removal of dander reduces airborne elements that cause allergies and creates a healthier living environment for you and your dog. You will be amazed at the amount of unwanted pet hair that comes from your pet!

Medicated Soak

Special medicated shampoos are available upon request. We have many treatments that provide relief for itching, hotspots, bacteria, crusty skin, Dandruff, and bites. Perfect for sensitive skin and dogs with allergies.

Ear Cleaner

Our ear cleaner will cut through the toughest wax! We carefully remove wax buildup to help control bacteria and yeast infections. This is great for our pets with recurring infections. We love pink and healthy ears!

Dental Care

We believe dental care is a very important part of your pets healthcare. Regular treatments help keep teeth clean reducing the risk of gum disease, removing plaque, and help control bad breath.

Nail Trim

Do you hate trimming your dog’s toenails? Let us do it for you. We have the right equipment and plenty of patience. We Dremel (grind) instead of cutting. This leaves a nice soft edge. Nails are done by our staff instead of someone they only see a couple of times a year. Since we do thousands of nails, they can tell they can trust us and we know what we are doing. We only do nails for our play care and boarding dogs so they are more relaxed when we do them. Just let us know at drop off and we will take care of them for you.

Requirements and Exceptions

For the safety of our boarding and daycare dogs, Pals for Pups Grooming DOES NOT offer flea or mange dips. (We have many dogs in our care and cannot risk exposing them to anything infectious.) Please call us for a quote. All telephone quotes are estimates and can only be confirmed after initial examination of your pets condition. At this time we are only servicing our play care dogs.

For the health of all of our 4 legged customers, all dogs must be current with their vaccinations. Please visit our registration page for a complete list of requirements prior to your first appointment.